2011. június 19., vasárnap

Two wonderful sites to check out :)

Just like I said, I'm still in the middle of my exam period, so my nails are... less than creative right now. I'm not even sure I should take a picture of them, they're so plain :D But in the meantime, I though I would share two sites or pages or should I say opportunities with you.

First of all, I'm sure most of you out there use Facebook, why wouldn't you? If you don't, I highly recommend it, even if it's with a fake account and not for the sake of your friends and not revealing any information - that's okay. But nowadays you can miss loads of programs, invitations, sales, and of course lovely groups if you don't have a Facebook account. So go on and create one ^^

Why do I encourage you so much? Because the first opportunity I am about to show you is a Facebook Group! It's called Polish-aholics Anonymous. I'm a member myself :) Although I usually don't comment at all, I read almost everything posted. I still dared to ask for help once (ignoring the fact that I'm really one of those silent-reader types), and the girls in the group still helped me and gave me wonderful ideas :) (Haven't tried any of them yet, but soon... *hates exams*)

Once you have joined (it's not complicated at all, you just have to click the 'Ask to Join Group' button, no-one will question you or anything ^^), you will get so much in return. You will probably find out how many other addicted ladies you have in your city, or even in your neighbourhood. You'll see tons of swatches, designs, blogs to follow, and last but not least, you will find loads of friends with the same interest. You can even arrange swaps, browse through wishlists, and so much more! So this is one of the greatest pros of Facebook :) (It has tons of cons, too, but why mention them here.)

The other site I'm about to introduce is a much more organized way of sharing pictures and thoughts - a forum. I'm sure most of you have already heard of Cutepolish, since I've tried to recreate a few of her ideas. And not to mention the fact that I think she is one of the most popular nail artist out there on the internet, so I don't really expect anyone to know me, but not know her :) So, back to topic: she has recently created Cutepolish Community! I was one of the firsts to join, and I hope it will get lively soon. This community is still really new and there is not much to see - yet. But I wouldn't miss the opportunity to be one of the true founders of a lively and wonderful community like this :) So go ahead!

Thank you for your attention, and be sure to check these sites out :) And of course, sorry for taking your time if you were already familiar with these sites :)

Take care everyone! ^^ xx

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TraceFace írta...

Thank you for mentioning my group on your blog! I am happy to have you as a member! <3

Sedna írta...

This is the least I can do <3
For me, who is a serious Facebook- and nail polish-addict at the same time, your group is like paradise itself! :D

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