About me and the blog (EN)

If you're reading this, that can mean two things: either you're curious about me (yaaay!), or you just accidentally clicked the 'About me' page (wooo...). In case number 1, please read this page, and forgive my mistakes - I'm quite good at English, but I make mistakes pretty often, too :) In case number 2 you probably gave up reading already, but I warn you anyway: this section is about me, the writer of this blog, so if you're not interested, feel free to click the 'Back' button on your browser. (Or any other button, just don't leave my blog, please :D)

So, about me (let's stick to the title, shall we?): I'm a 19 20-year-old (time goes fast O.o) university student from Hungary. I study Japanese and English at the best university in the country (ha-ha, I'm proud of it, so I will emphasise it!). But this blog is not dedicated to my Japan-mania. (I have another blog which is about that, but that's only in Hungarian, so it probably wouldn't be too interesting for You, dear Reader, who reads this page in English). This blog is about nails. And nail polish. And different designs.

If you would like to see insanely huge hauls and extremely generous giveaways, I tell you right away: this is not the blog you're looking for. I'm a university student, meaning I don't have any money to spend on things not needed for survival. And as addicted as I am, nail polish still cannot be in that category. I rarely buy anything polish-related, so usually I work with what I already have: about 20 different polishes and creativity. And Youtube tutorials :D

A little bit more about myself: I was born in Szombathely, a quite small town close to the western border of Hungary. I lived there for 18 years, and then I moved to Budapest, the capital of the country. I live in a small (I mean REALLY small) flat with my boyfriend. He's working, my father sends us money every month, and if I study enough, I get some money from the university - this is how we're trying to make ends meet. We (I mean my boyfriend and me) have been together for more than 4 years now, and sometimes act like an old couple. Even my father and his girlfriend act like teenagers more often than we do. (A bit embarrassing if you ask me.) That reminds me, yes, my parents are divorced. For about one and a half year now. My mother lives here in Budapest, and my father stayed in Szombathely.

I'm pretty sure that's already more than you wanted to know, so I'll stop writing XD Thank you very much for reading this, and have fun reading my blog and I hope you get some ideas while doing that. Feel free to write to me, I'm far away from the stage when I'm so popular that I don't even answer my reader's e-mails :D So, again: have fun!